Cardiff Race Riots: 100 Years On

Cardiff Race Riots: 100 Years On

Monday 23rd Sep 2019

The event, ‘Cardiff Race Riots: 100 years on,' on Saturday 15thJune, launches a new project from film and theatre-maker, Gavin Porter called ‘People of Butetown.'

Along with a group of other artists, including Ali Goolyard, Kyle Legall, Zaid Djerdi and Anthony Ward), the project aims to bring new perspectives to the story of the riots and the story of the Butetown community.

Gavin, who is from Butetown, said: "I'm interested in the themes of voice and representation, especially the question of whose voice gets heard. I'm extremely excited to be working on this project with other artists from Butetown, and excited to tell the story of myth-making, of resilience and of creativity."

The multiplatform exhibition will tell the stories of prejudice and racism experienced by the people of Butetown and celebrate the community's resilience, one-hundred years on. The new artworks will be shown at the Museum of Cardiff later in the year.

As well as a workshop with Porter, the museum will also host a number of other talks and information sessions from partner organisations, aimed at bringing people together to reflect on the history and legacy of the riots.

Cabinet Member for Culture and Leisure, Cllr Peter Bradbury, said: "Cardiff's diversity is one of its strengths, but you ignore history at your peril - the riots of 100 years ago marked a real low point in the city's generally harmonious past and I hope this event will help ensure this is one piece of our history that never repeats."

Museum Manager, Victoria Rogers, explains: "We've been working closely with the Butetown community on how best to mark this event.  The Cardiff Race Riots are a shameful event in our history, but we need to recognise and learn from it - otherwise we're doing a disservice to those communities and those individuals effected. It's really important that we don't cherry-pick the lessons we choose to learn from history - we need to learn from the ‘bad' as well as the ‘good' in our past." 

The timetable for Saturday's free event is as follows:

·         Exploring the past and the present(10am - 3pm)

Find out more about the collections at Museum of Cardiff, Glamorgan Archives, and Cathays Heritage Library, as well as the work of Race Equality First, at our drop-in information session.

·         Perspectives on the Riots (11am - 12pm)

Short talks from Gaynor Legall (Heritage and Cultural Exchange), Mike Pearson and Chris Rushton (Gritty Productions).

·         Meet film-maker Gavin Porter(12.30pm - 1.30pm)

Join us for a conversation with Gavin Porter and friends as he starts his journey in making a new work on the Race Riots of 1919 and their legacy in Cardiff.

·         Film screening(2pm)

A screening of ITV Cymru Wales' Dock of the Bay which features Cardiff artist and researcher Dr Adeola Dewis. 

There will also be an exhibition of newspaper articles and other records from the time of the riots on display in Cathays Heritage Library during June.