Planning Act Gives New Powers To Landowners

Planning Act Gives New Powers To Landowners

Sunday 22nd Sep 2019

Under new legislation brought in by the Welsh Government at the end of last year, landowners have additional powers to challenge use of their land for informal recreation.

The Planning (Wales) Act 2015  allows landowners who wish to protect their land from possible village green applications to deposit a statement and a map which brings to an end any period of recreational use which was "as of right" (meaning without force, secrecy or permission).

Jim Dunckley, Commons Registration Officer for Pembrokeshire County Council said; "While the legislation is designed to allow landowners to protect their land from unconsented recreational use, residents will still have a two-year "grace period" in which they can lodge an application to register the land as town or village green."

·         Interested landowners or residents in Pembrokeshire seeking further information can contact the Commons Registration Officer on 01437 775330.