Young Drivers Targeted In Tywyn, Meirionnydd

Young Drivers Targeted In Tywyn, Meirionnydd

Saturday 15th Aug 2020

Young drivers in Meirionnydd have been targeted by police in an operation to clamp down on anti-social driving.

Officers from the Special Constabulary Road Safety Unit and the local policing team carried out a dedicated campaign on Friday night (3rd January) focussing on the Tywyn area due to several complaints from local residents.

In response to the concerns the local PCSO’s for the area, Shannon-Louise Llwyd-Hopcroft and Sandie Williams linked in with the Road Safety Unit to arrange the operation to target those driving modified vehicles in an anti-social manner and at excess speed on the High Street in Tywyn.

During the evening one young driver was issued a TOR (Traffic Offence Report) due to the number plate not conforming, another was issued a TOR due to driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence and two TOR’s were handed out due to vehicle headlamps not working.

Officers also dealt with a female who was threatening self-harm by lying in the road and she was taken to hospital by local policing colleagues.

Colleagues from Go Safe also participated in the operation and five drivers will now be getting letters due to being caught driving at excess speed.

Specials Chief Inspector Carl Williamson of the Road Safety Unit said: “We know that social media was very active during the evening and we had obviously caused a bit of a stir by being in the area. I’ve no doubt that our presence there prevented any further complaints.

“Our main aim of carrying out such operations is to keep people safe and reduce the number of young drivers being killed or seriously injured on our roads and we will continue to work with local policing colleagues to stamp out this kind of behaviour.”

District Inspector Matt Geddes said: “Anti-social driving isn’t just inconsiderate, it’s also dangerous and we will be monitoring the problem closely to ensure those who commit offences are dealt with robustly.

“Further operations are planned and I would encourage the public to continue to let us know if they witness anti-social driving in the area.”

Anybody who witnesses anti-social driving is asked to contact officers via 101 or the live web chat or can report a motoring offence online here.