Road Resurfacing: A547, Market Street, Abergele

Road Resurfacing: A547, Market Street, Abergele

Friday 3rd Jul 2020

Work starts: Monday 20 January 2020

Work finishes: Friday 7 February 2020 (weather permitting)

We have prioritised Market Street for resurfacing, as part of our ongoing investment to improve our road network.

What is happening?

We are resurfacing Market Street from the zebra crossing east of the Tesco mini roundabout to beyond the junction with Water Street. There will be temporary traffic lights and a convoy vehicle will escort traffic through the works.

There will be pedestrian access and we will put up signage to advertise that businesses are open as usual.

Abergele town centre is a traffic sensitive area, so you should expect long delays in and around the area. Thank you for your patience while we carry out this improvement work.

What is resurfacing?

We resurface a road when the surface layer can no longer be repaired.

Step 1 - remove the existing surface (this is called planing)

Step 2 - clean the surface with a mechanical sweeper

Step 3 - lay a bond coating, to make sure the new surface sticks

Step 4 - lay the new surface

Step 5 - compact and level the new surface with rollers

Step 6 - repaint the road markings

Resurfacing is a noisy and dusty process, and we are sorry for the inconvenience this might cause. The new road surface will provide a smoother, quieter ride and will be a long lasting benefit to the community.


If you need more information, please contact the Advice Team at or telephone 01492 575337.