Further Support Announced For Families Hit By Storm Dennis

Further Support Announced For Families Hit By Storm Dennis

Tuesday 31st Mar 2020

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Following the third meeting of the Major Incident Recovery Board, the Council has announced an allocation of £800,000 to make grants available for the renovation of properties following Storm Dennis - and that all children from the affected homes will be entitled to four weeks of Free School Meals.

The reprioritisation of further funding takes the total support allocated from the Council to more than £2m – highlighting the unprecedented scale of the emergency.

In addition, the four weeks of Free School Meals represents the latest in a series of measures aimed at supporting those families affected by internal flood damage. This follows previous announcements on the establishment of the Community Flood Recovery Grant – Hardship Payment, which is providing £500 to affected families and £1,000 to small and medium-sized high street businesses, the free collection of damaged household goods and the £100 School Uniform Grant. 

Yesterday (Monday, February 24), the Council launched its largest-ever food donation appeal with the aim of providing every family affected by the flooding with a package of non-perishable food items.  Around 550 homes have suffered damage from internal flooding, with many of those losing fridges, freezers, cupboards of food and cars.  More information on supporting the food donation campaign can be found here: https://www.rctcbc.gov.uk/EN/Newsroom/PressReleases/2020/February/Councillauncheslargesteverfooddonationappeal.aspx.

Chair of the Major Incident Recovery Board and Leader of the Council, Councillor Andrew Morgan, said: “The Council is today announcing the re-allocation of £500,000, in addition to £300,000 of existing resources, to make an £800,000 allocation to make available grants for the renovation of properties damaged by Storm Dennis. This takes the total allocated from the Council to more than £2m.

“We have sought to provide as much support as we possibly can to those families who have had their homes damaged by internal flooding, brought about by two successive weekends of stormy weather. We appreciate that families with children will have been particularly badly impacted by this, and have sought to ease the pressure they face by providing a £100 School Uniform Grant and, following today’s meeting, four free weeks of school meals.

“The Council yesterday launched its biggest-ever food donation appeal as we seek to ensure that each household affected is able to have a food package, after many of them literally lost everything. I have already received a number of messages from businesses and supermarkets from across the County in supporting our campaign and I would like to thank them - along with all of those who have already contributed.

“We are also looking at options on how to support our town centres further, and we are in discussion with local traders and shopkeepers on the best way to proceed.”

Details on today’s newly-agreed funding support will be announced in the coming days. Further information on the Council’s advice and support to homes and businesses, including the dedicated e-form to apply for the Community Flood Recovery Grant – Hardship Payment, can be found at: https://www.rctcbc.gov.uk/EN/Resident/EmergenciesSafetyandCrime/Floodingassistance.aspx.

Posted on Tuesday 25th February 2020