A Letter To The Communities Of Gwent

A Letter To The Communities Of Gwent

Friday 3rd Jul 2020

A letter to the communities of Gwent from Chief Constable Pam Kelly

At this difficult time, most people are pulling together to support our communities and our NHS. All public services are working superbly well together and our well-established partnership structures come into their own when events such as this happen.

Following the announcements made last night by the prime minister and first minister, Gwent Police understands that this is a difficult time for people, especially those that are ill, self-isolating, away from loved ones and of course for workers and businesses concerned about the future.

We are awaiting the legislative changes that will be provided to policing to help us protect communities and we will provide you with more information once we know what they mean for us and you.

In the meantime, Gwent Police officers and staff will be out in our communities, ensuring that we are responding to crime and of course doing our best to prevent crime from happening in the first place.

Gwent Police will also be ensuring that people adhere to government guidelines, we will be proportionate and understanding at this time.

However, if we consider that people are ignoring government advice, we will take action. It is essential that we protect all our communities, vulnerable people and our NHS.

It is a frustrating time for young people who are not in school or college. However, we urge young people not to congregate in groups, as this is dangerous for our communities and the spread of coronavirus – also known as COVID-19.

We are a great community here in Gwent and I am sure that people will work with us for the greater good.

For the time being, I cannot thank everyone enough for the kindness clearly demonstrated within communities and for the support shown for our NHS, local authority workers and my officers and staff at Gwent Police.

Keep safe everyone – we will keep you updated on developments.

There is no need for you to ring 101 or 999 as we are trying to keep those lines available for those most in need and for emergencies.

Kind regards

Pam Kelly