Covid-19 Update: 25th March

Covid-19 Update: 25th March

Tuesday 27th Jul 2021

This evening's update covers the latest on education, child care for key workers, help for those in need, Council Tax, new birth registrations, homes for the homeless, Cardiff Dogs Home, and highways and utility work update.

COVID-19: Keeping children and young people learning during school closures

Cardiff Council has established a dedicated team to support schools in providing a host of digital materials and innovative online schemes so that curriculum can continue to be delivered during school closures caused by COVID-19.

To date, online support services for teachers have been set up to include awebsite for teachers to access advice and support around distance learning and a google classroom and WhatsApp group for teachers to share information and resources with each other.

A team of ICT Co-ordinators have been recruited to help support all Cardiff schools in online learning via a virtual classroom and all schools have made work available online for their pupils and parents to access, largely via the hwb platform.

In addition, Cardiff e-learning service, Cardiff Commitment and the youth service are working together to provide a platform for young people to stay connected and share learning experiences during school closures.

Pre-school provision 

There are number ofprivate, independent and voluntary settings that are still operating which have spaces for pre-school children. 

Key workers from health, social care or emergency services who do not have any other option for childcare, should contact Family Gateway on 03000 133 133 or 

Parents or carers who are utilising the provision are reminded to observe social distancing when dropping off and collecting their children. 

We request that you keep a two meter distance from staff and other members of the public. 

Free parking for Key Workers in council owned car parks

Key Workers will no longer have to pay to park their vehicle on-street or in Council-owned car parks under new measures released today to help in the fight against COVID-19 outbreak. 

Key workers are carrying out vital jobs to ensure that society can continue to operate during the ongoing emergency.

The council-owned car parks which are free for key workers are:

A helping hand for those in need

A range of help is available from shopping for food for those who cannot leave home themselves, to the provision of emergency parcels of food and other essentials for people struggling financially. A large number of volunteers responded to the Council's call for communities to come together to help each other under the scheme, Together for Cardiff. These volunteers will assist the delivery of this support to residents. 

For people NOT self-isolating but unable to afford essential provisions

 The city's Hubs and Libraries service is supporting the Foodbank, with the distribution of emergency parcels from four core hubs in the city - Ely and Caerau Hub, The Powerhouse in Llanederyn, St Mellons Hub or Central Library Hub. While the hubs are closed for general public access, residents can knock on the door of the Hub and staff can help by issuing a food and essentials parcel. 

For people who ARE self isolating and have no family or support

Anyone in this position who needs assistance to buy provision should call the Advice line on 029 2087 1071 to be put in touch with volunteers who are able to help with shopping. This service is only for those with no-one else available to help. 

For those who want to offer help

Opportunities are available on the Volunteer Cardiff website,

Since last week's launch of Together For Cardiff, the Council has been overwhelmed by the number of people offering their services and time to help others. The website now has details of a number of organisations looking for volunteers that anyone interested can contact directly. Many groups have been set up at a neighbourhood level allowing volunteers to be able to help people living  close  by. 

For business who want to help 

The Council is very keen to hear from any businesses who would like support the efforts to help the most vulnerable in the city, by donating food or essential items. Please call our volunteer line on 029 2087 1239 or 

COVID-19: Residents urged to contact the council if they are struggling to pay their council tax

Cardiff residents struggling to pay their council tax are being urged to contact the Council via the website and use online forms to inform the authority of any change to their circumstances.

The UK Government has placed the country in partial ‘lockdown' as it seeks to slow and halt the spread of COVID-19. This has affected work opportunities for many people, especially those who are self-employed or working on zero hour contracts, and some companies have had to make workers redundant.

Recently, Cardiff Council Leader, Cllr Huw Thomas, called on UK Government to deliver a national solution for those that are struggling to pay their council tax:

Cllr Chris Weaver, Cabinet Member for Finance at Cardiff Council, is now asking residents who are having difficulty paying their council tax, because the outbreak has affected their work arrangements, to contact the council to see if the authority can assist in any way. 

Cllr Weaver said: "We know that people are very concerned and I want them to know we will do all that we can to help. Our contact centre is currently very busy, taking a significant number of calls with a reduced workforce, so if you can, please enquire through our website. The council tax team can also be contacted directly by email

"If you are on a low income, or your income has reduced, you may be entitled to a council tax reduction and residents can find out more about this on our website. Please apply online Alternatively residents can notify of us of any changes via"

New birth registrations

New birth registrations will be suspended from the end of today in line with UK-wide guidance from the General Register Office. This is being done to ensure new born babies are not exposed to the current risks associated with attending Registry Offices with their families.

Child Benefit applications will not be affected.

If you have an existing appointment, our Registrars will be in touch directly.

Preparing homes for homeless people

Teams of operatives, supported by LCB Construction and Mispace, are currently working hard across the city to get vacant council homes ready as soon as possible for people experiencing homelessness to move in.

While, some residents and tenants have expressed concerns about this work given the measures and restrictions that came into force earlier this week to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus, the Council wants to reassure communities that this work is essential and is supporting people in considerable need at this time.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Cardiff Dogs Home

Cardiff Dogs Home is still accepting stray dogs, however the premises are currently open for registered dog walkers only. If you chose to walk dogs for us, this will count as your daily exercise opportunity. Time slots must be booked in advance by calling the home so that social distancing rules can be followed. You will be able to walk for a maximum one hour. 

A big thank you to everyone who has registered with the Dogs Home as a foster carer, we now have enough foster carers to help us keep taking care of Cardiff's dogs during the ongoing situation with #COVID19

If you are interested in re-homing a dog permanently, please check the Dogs Home website for details of all dogs awaiting rehoming, and give the team a call. Introductions are not currently possible but they will keep your details and be in touch when introductions start again.

For more information 

Highways and utility work update 

With the exception of essential work required to Southern Way viaduct, all Council highway and resurfacing schemes have been postponed in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

The following schemes have been postponed until future notice: 

The following schemes are expected to be confirmed shortly: 

Southern Way road closure: 

Southern Way, outbound, between Rover Way and the A48. A diversion will be put in place and sign posted using Newport Road and the Newport Road/Southern Way junction.