Leader Coronavirus Update, Monday March 30th

Leader Coronavirus Update, Monday March 30th

Sunday 24th Jan 2021

The Authority’s Leader, Councillor David Simpson, has provided a further update for Monday 30th March 2020, as follows:

 “I want to start by thanking you for pulling together and listening to the Government advice about staying at home.  This weekend we witnessed far less people out and about which indicates we are all taking on the information supplied and prepared to tackle this problem collectively”

 However, we have noted that some people are driving to beaches and hot spots to walk their dogs.

 The Government restrictions in place Do Not permit you to use your vehicles to travel to a location to exercise / walk your dog. Avoid ALL Unnecessary Travel.

You are entitled to exercise once daily, this should be by walking the dog, running or cycling etc from your home address. It should not be driving to allocation away from your home to carry this out.

 Please refrain from unnecessary travel until restrictions placed upon us all to tackle Covid – 19 pandemic, has been rescinded.

 I noticed that the police had mentioned that they had turned away around 200 vehicles from Pembrokeshire on Friday. I can confirm that we are working with the police to highlight any hotspots.

Our licensing team have been in contact with campsite owners to remind them of their responsibilities during lock down.

Our staff are very active in planning and tackling issues as they arise, changes are occurring daily. I wanted to thank them all; some officers have been re-deployed to support other key workers, which is a testament to their commitment.

Press releases issued since my message on Friday are:

Scolton Manor grounds closed https://www.pembrokeshire.gov.uk/newsroom/coronavirus-scolton-manor-closed

Education Minister asks school staff asked to keep schools open over for Easter (WG release) https://www.pembrokeshire.gov.uk/newsroom/education-minister-asks-national-heroes-to-keep-schools-open-for-nhs-and-carers-during-school-holidays

Changes to Free School Meal provision


The more general updates I want to highlight today are:


 Please everyone adhere to Government advice, stay home and be safe.


Thank you.