Local Mental Health Services

Local Mental Health Services

Friday 18th Sep 2020

For Mental Health Awareness Week we are promoting some of the services available in North Wales. 

Mental Health Awareness Week

There are specialist services in that give specific support with mental health and wellbeing to those who are struggling. Here are some of the services and some examples of activities they are doing this week:



Caniad is a single point of access for all service users and carers across North Wales. They are organising and delivering Zoom sessions to keep everyone connected and informed during Covid19 restrictions – The Big Chat!

Topic: Hafal services, Caniad big chat zoom​

Date and Time: 20th May 20, 2PM​

​Meeting ID: 830 2290 0473​

Password: 5wQjWT​

Topic: Ican support. Caniad big chat zoom​

Date and Time: 21st May 1PM​

​Meeting ID: 819 6696 3569​

Password: 1yHcMw​

Topic: Cocaine Anonymous​

Date and Time: 22nd May 1PM​

​Meeting ID: 842 5148 3979​

Password: 0S7bgv


2) Hafal 

Wales’ leading charity for people with serious mental illness and their carers. Covering all areas of Wales, Hafal is an organisation managed by the people we support: individuals whose lives have been affected by serious mental illness.

They have an online ‘CLIC’ community for people to connect with others who are affected by mental illness.

They also have a page for coping with the coronavirus outbreak.

They are celebrating the theme of ‘kindness’ this week by:


3)ASD Cymru

Autism Spectrum Disorder – the site offers information about ASD, contact support details and downloadable resources for individuals with ASD, their family and carers.

They are also working with emergency services in Wales to raise awareness of how best to communicate with an autistic person and how to make their experience less distressing.


Other Services  

If you need support with mental health and well being, there is always someone you can talk to. Contact one the services below or visit the Public Health Wales website for advice on well being.

Mental Health Support numbers