Caerphilly - Trinity Fields Case Study Highlights Success And Team Work Of Staff

Caerphilly - Trinity Fields Case Study Highlights Success And Team Work Of Staff

Monday 13th Jul 2020

A case study highlighting the success of staff at our Trinity Fields School Hub has been written and submitted to Welsh Government. The study focuses on the professional learning opportunities for staff as a result of the LA’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the re-purposing of schools.

The Hub itself is ran on a daily basis by the school’s Head Teacher, Ian Elliott, and two primary school Head Teachers, Gareth Rees and Lisa Jones, however the overall responsibility lies with the LA’s Inclusion and ALN Manager.

The study reads, “This unique and unprecedented position has allowed staff from a variety of settings across the LA to further develop and enhance their specialist pedagogy in terms of supporting learners with the most complex needs. Teams within the hub have been carefully established to ensure highly experienced and knowledgeable staff work alongside less experienced staff.”

Professional learning outcomes for staff as a result of the repurposing of schools in response to the Covid-19 pandemic have included opportunities for staff to:

  • work with learners with the most complex needs;

  • discuss, implement and refine specialist approaches to play and learning;

  • try out approaches that will be useful in the implementation of Curriculum for Wales;

  • build upon one another’s experiences to find innovative ways to address the ALN reforms- including undertaking annual reviews, CP case conferences etc. remotely;

  • make valuable links with teachers, teaching assistants and school leaders that will be accessible long after the hub closes.

Ian Elliott, Head Teacher at Trinity Fields School and Resource Centre commented, “The professional learning opportunities for staff from various LA settings by working in the ALN hub based at Trinity Fields has far exceeded any expectations. As one of the hub leaders (with Gareth from Cwm Ifor and Lisa from Greenhill) it has been a huge privilege to work with such committed and enthusiastic teachers and teaching assistants from Trinity Fields, Greenhill Primary, St Cenydd Community School and Islwyn Specialist Resource Base. I am sure that when schools re-open the experiences and relationships developed within the hub will continue to support pupils’ learning and wellbeing, as well as further enhancing staff specialist knowledge and skills.”

Cllr Barbara Jones, Cabinet Member for Education and Achievement added, “Staff have worked extremely hard and have been under immense pressure from the recent changes caused by the outbreak of COVID-19. I am thrilled that despite this, they have managed to work together successfully, learn from each other and expand their knowledge in the field. I am incredibly proud and look forward to seeing more Team Caerphilly ethos in the future.”