Protect Yourself From Courier Fraud

Protect Yourself From Courier Fraud

Friday 25th Jun 2021

Since lockdown began in March, scammers have been using Coronavirus as a way to exploit vulnerable people out of their money and personal information, including the impersonation of police officers and bank officials.

In other areas of the UK, Courier Fraud has been an issue throughout lockdown but reports were low in North Wales. Last week, as travel restrictions were lifted in Wales, we received the first report of Courier Fraud in some time.

A woman received a phone call from someone claiming to be from her bank, who told her that there was fraudulent activity on her account and that due to Coronavirus, bank staff would collect her bank card and PIN number to protect her from future fraud. The phone number matched the number on her card and they knew her personal details so she complied and left her bank card and PIN number to be collected. The card was then used to make a number of high value transactions and to withdraw cash.

Financial Abuse Safeguarding Officer, Detective Rachel Roberts said: “Courier fraud can be difficult to spot, especially when you are being put under pressure and you believe you are speaking to a police officer or bank official in an urgent situation.

“Fraudsters are able to impersonate phone numbers to appear to be your bank and may know your personal information, which is how they convince you to trust them.

“It’s important to remember that your debit or credit card is yours and you should only ever hand it to someone at the bank. If you are told it needs to be collected by courier due to covid-19, then this is probably a scam and you should end the call immediately.”

How to spot Courier Fraud:

Your bank or the police would never:

If you believe you may have been a victim of fraud, report it immediately to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or visit the Action Fraud website