Guidance Published For Safe Re-opening Of Community Centres

Guidance Published For Safe Re-opening Of Community Centres

Saturday 16th Jan 2021

Pembrokeshire County Council is highlighting new guidance that has been published on the re-opening and safe use of multi-use community centres, where permitted.

The Welsh Government guidance is primarily for those managing community centres, village halls, church halls and other community centres considering restarting public services.

Such multi-use community facilities support a wide range of local activity.

However, their communal nature also makes them places that are vulnerable to the spread of Covid-19.

The Welsh Government has published the guidance here:

The guidance provides information on Covid-19 risk assessments, social distancing and capacity, cleaning and infection control, the use toilets, travel and parking and more.

Community Centres are currently able to open for either essential voluntary or public services.

Permitted activities are detailed in the Health Protection Regulations: