Cardiff Introduces Precautionary Lockdown Measures To Counter Rising Covid Infections

Cardiff Introduces Precautionary Lockdown Measures To Counter Rising Covid Infections

Sunday 25th Oct 2020


Wales's capital city is to introduce lockdown measures to counter a recent rise in COVID-19 infections.

From 6pm Sunday (September 27), residents and visitors in Cardiff  MUST adhere to the following restrictions:

Enforcement action will be taken by the police and Environmental Health officials in the event of non-compliance with the measures.

Leader of Cardiff Council, Cllr Huw Thomas, said: "We do not take these steps lightly. The Council has been closely monitoring the infection rates in Cardiff throughout this crisis, alongside health experts and Welsh Government, and we've already moved earlier this week to restrict visits to Hospitals and Care Homes. However, in consultation with Welsh Government, we all feel it is now prudent to bring in stronger restrictions. By introducing these precautionary measures at this early stage, we aim to prevent the exponential spread of the virus, and hopefully minimise the duration of the lockdown.

"In taking this course of action we've had to weigh up the economic damage, the social cost, the impact on mental health. But we've seen in the past what can happen if there is a delay in bringing measures in. Delaying by a matter of days could mean many more lives could be lost.

"Curtailing households meeting indoors and restricting travel will have an impact on all our lives, but it is important people understand that these decisions are informed by a highly effective Test, Trace and Protect Service which has been crucial in helping us understand the recent surge we have seen in Cardiff.

"What it shows is that the majority of cases are found in family networks which have broken the extended household rules, and who have been meeting more people indoors. Also, it's become clear to us over the past few days that we are seeing clusters springing up in the city which are related to Cardiff residents who catch the virus when they visit surrounding areas which have high infection rates and are then bringing it back home into their family settings. There are also some cases which have been seeded here from outside the city boundaries, from visitors and workers from surrounding areas and further afield. That was always going to be a possibility as the city is a hub for workers and shoppers, but the sudden rise over the past five days and the reasons for that rise mean it's time to act now before we concede anymore ground to the virus.

"It is therefore vital that we all recommit ourselves to these guidelines, and redouble our efforts in order to protect our families, our friends, and ourselves from harm. Cardiff's residents did a fantastic job following guidelines in the past and I know everyone will do their best to pull together again as we look to force the virus into retreat before the autumn and winter months take hold.

"These are worrying times for us all, and our best response is to draw on those qualities which Cardiffians have in abundance - our resourcefulness, our good humour, and our community spirit. Cardiff Council will continue to serve the city in every possible way in the weeks ahead, and together we will get through this."

Currently the infection rate in Cardiff stands at 46.1 per 100,000 and the COVID-19 test rate stands at 3.4% of those tested returning a positive result, which all point towards lockdown measures being required. The Council and health experts monitor infection rates, clusters and evidential data on a daily basis before making any representations to Welsh Government on any proposed lockdown measures. Welsh Government in discussion with local authorities and the health board then decide on the course of action required.

Charles Janczewski of the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, said "Our priority is to keep the population of Cardiff safe and in partnership with the local authority we have been monitoring the Covid 19 cases.

"The decision to have a local lockdown has not been taken lightly but in doing so we are hopeful that this will reduce the number of new infections. Numbers though may continue to rise before we start to see a fall, due to the incubation period of the disease.

"We are very aware of the sacrifices we have all made so far this year and these additional measures will enable us to continue to protect our families and the most vulnerable in our society. We will keep the measures under regular review and formally review their impact in two weeks' time.

"It is important that residents adhere to the guidelines set out and stay within their local authority area. This means that residents of Cardiff should not cross boundaries unless it is for essential reasons such as travelling to work where this cannot be done from home, providing care and support, and buying essential items.  Households should also now suspend any extended household arrangements they have made, and not meet indoors with other families outside their own household, apart from certain exemptions such as on compassionate or welfare grounds. You can still meet friends and family outdoors while following social distancing guidelines, up to a maximum of 30 people.

"As a UHB we already paused visiting to our hospital sites this week to protect patients and our services and have enforced the wearing of masks in all of our healthcare premises.

"It is important that we all take a personal responsibility to follow the rules which will help keep Cardiff safe."

The council is asking people to please keep in mind that the purpose of the restrictions is to prevent the transmission of the virus, including to those we care about - both within the area and outside it. People will need to make judgements for themselves about what is reasonable, in line with that overarching principle in order to keep themselves and their wider community safe.

A 'reasonable excuse' includes going to work where you cannot work from home, attending a school or college outside of the area, or undertaking a caring responsibility e.g.childcare or caring for an elderly relative, attending a medical appointment, shopping for essential items that cannot be purchased locally or ordered online or using public services that are not available locally. It also includes leaving your local area to visit family or close friends on compassionate grounds if necessary.

But the basic message is that people should stay in their immediate area as much as possible. You do not have a reasonable excuse to leave the area to do something if you could be reasonably expected to be able to do it within the area. This also works the other way around. Those living outside the area should NOT enter the County Borough on non-essential journeys it if at all possible.

Read FULL Welsh Government FAQ's.

View the Boundary map for Cardiff

View FAQ's for Businesses

The new measures will be enforced by the Local Authority and South Wales Police, and kept under regular review. If the number of cases do not show signs of falling, further restrictions will be considered by Welsh Government.

Failure to comply with the measures set out above and in the relevant Welsh Government documents is a criminal offence and could result in enforcement action being taken by Council Enforcement Officers and South Wales Police to protect your fellow residents and help keep Cardiff and Wales safe. 

Enforcement Action and Fines

The Council is continuing to monitor and take action where necessary to ensure that ALL businesses and premises comply with COVID-19 regulations (Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (No. 2) (Wales) (Amendment) (No. 4) Regulations 2020), which came into force on 10 August 2020, to control, minimise and prevent the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

The Council is already taking action to ensure all large supermarkets, retail stores and licensed premises adhere to the Regulations. South Wales Police continue to actively enforce current Wales-wide covid-19 regulations with residents alongside the Councils' environmental health teams.

Improvement Notices have already been served on a number of premises in Cardiff following failures to comply with COVID-19 regulations, these may include, but are not limited to, lack of regulation of social distancing and provision of hand and cleaning sanitiser.

These are posted on the COVID-19 Outbreak Control and Prevention page.

The public are reminded that if they feel a business, area or premises are not complying, they should not enter or participate in the activity - we all have a personal responsibility to control the spread and help Keep Wales and Cardiff Safe. 

If you are symptomatic you are advised to:

Residents are reminded that as part of the Test, Trace, Protect  service if you are symptomatic and receive a positive test result you should self-isolate and remain at home for at least 10 days and anyone you have been in contact with should self-isolate for 14 days even if they feel well or receive a negative test.

By coming together and carrying out the above measures, we can turn the tide on this virus and help keep Cardiff and Wales safe.