Statement By Trading Standards Wales: Tsw Warning For Wales Consumers As Uk Government Launches Green Homes Grant

Statement By Trading Standards Wales: Tsw Warning For Wales Consumers As Uk Government Launches Green Homes Grant

Tuesday 27th Jul 2021

Trading Standards Wales is warning Consumers in Wales to be vigilant against scammers

looking to take advantage of the UK Government’s newly launched Green Homes Grant.

Whilst the grant is only available in England, there are concerns that scammers and

unscrupulous traders will use this scheme to commit fraud in Wales as was seen in previous

years with greener home improvement schemes launched by the UK Government.


The Green Homes Grant is an initiative to encourage homeowners to invest money in

improving the energy-efficiency of their property and provides a voucher under the grant.

The voucher must be used to install a primary measure which will be either insulation and/or

low carbon heating. However, after at least one primary measure has been installed, the

voucher can then be used to help cover the cost of a list of secondary measures such as

double or triple glazing, draught-proofing and energy efficient doors.


Any work under the scheme can only be undertaken by approved traders that have been

scrutinised to carry out such work.


Trading Standards Wales is concerned that the scheme will be used and promoted by rogue

traders, cold calling people in Wales either via telephone or on the doorstep, claiming that

the resident is eligible for the scheme, when in fact it is only available if you are a resident in



Concerns regarding the Green Home Grant include amongst others:

 Wales’s residents will be contacted either by telephone or on the doorstep informing

them they are eligible for the grant, when they are not.

 They will pay for a service to set up a grant they are not eligible for

 They will pay deposits for the work and to secure the grant when this is not a


 That traders make false claims that they able to undertake the work under the



If any trader offers the scheme to a resident living in Wales, it will be fraudulent as the UK

Government’s Green Homes Grant is not available in Wales.


Chris Hill the Trading Standards Wales Lead Officer for Fair Trading said:

“If you are contacted by someone offering you a grant under the scheme, then we

recommend you report it to the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 0808 2231133.”


While the Green Homes Grant is only available in England, there are alternative sources of

help available for energy saving home improvements in Wales.


If you are struggling to keep your home warm or cope with your energy bills, the Nest

scheme offers a range of free, impartial advice and, if you are eligible, a package of free

home energy efficiency improvements such as a new boiler, central heating or insulation.

Call 0808 808 2244 or visit to find out more.