Newport Man Given A Cbo To Curb His Anti-social Behaviour

Newport Man Given A Cbo To Curb His Anti-social Behaviour

Saturday 5th Dec 2020

A 43-year-old Newport man has been handed a criminal behaviour order (CBO) following his anti-social behaviour in the city centre.

Asghan Hockin was given the two-year order at a hearing in Newport Magistrates’ Court on October 30.

The order includes that he must not sleep or camp within a derelict/unused buildings in Newport, away from his home address.

The order states that, he must not:

  • Sleep, camp within derelict/unused buildings within the city of Newport
  • Drink alcohol or use illegal substances or legal highs in any road or street within Newport
  • Sit within 20ft of any ATM machine or ticket vending machine within Newport
  • Beg from any person or place any item on the floor before you for the purpose of begging within Newport. This includes cigarettes, money, food and other items.

Newport Crime and Disorder Reduction Officer, PC Chris Butt said:
“We are committed to making Newport City Centre a safe and pleasant place for all and enforcing this order is a part of that. 
“We are pleased that this CBO has been granted, it will be welcomed by visitors and those who work in the city centre.
“Criminal behaviour orders are used as a last resort after all other efforts to engage and support the individual through partner agencies have failed, but we hope this CBO will also encourage Hockin to accept the support available.”
“Anyone who sees Hockin breaching this order should call 101 quoting reference 2000370056.”