Gwent Police And Caerphilly Council Reaffirm Their Commitment To Continue To Work Together To Ensure Licensed Premises Operate Safely Within The Law.

Gwent Police And Caerphilly Council Reaffirm Their Commitment To Continue To Work Together To Ensure Licensed Premises Operate Safely Within The Law.

Saturday 5th Dec 2020

The end of the Fire Break period has seen hospitality venues permitted to reopen, albeit to operate within a set of strict Covid safe guidelines issued by Welsh Government. The joint operation seeks to support venues within Caerphilly county to adhere to these restrictions but will also provide an opportunity for the officers to take action when venues are in breach of the regulations.

Hospitality premises, including pubs, clubs and restaurants are required to have the following measures in place:

  • A Maximum of 4 people (not including children under 11 years), from different households, will be able to socialise, every effort should still be made by the business and the customer to ensure that they maximise distance at the table. 
  • Families from the same household (same home) where the number exceeds 4 are permitted to sit together at the same table.’
  • Entry to the premises must be controlled and time limited periods given, for example not exceeding two hours, in which customers may stay in the premises. Controlled entry includes pre-booking wherever possible with details of all members of the group taken as part of the booking and verified on arrival. 
  • “Walk-ups” should be kept to a minimum and subject to access through a controlled entry point with provision and verification of names of all members of the group at that point. 
  • Table Service only – customers must remain seated when ordering, being served and consuming food and drink. 
  • Contact details of all persons visiting the premise must be recorded for track and trace purposes and premises must take reasonable measures to ensure that such contact information is correct. 
  • All staff and customers should wear face coverings unless the person is under 11 or has a reasonable excuse not to wear the face covering (e.g. to eat or drink). 
  • Alcohol sales must cease at 10.00pm and premises closed by 10.20pm. 
  • Live Music continues to be prohibited and recorded music should be limited to background music only e.g which should not prevent a conversation being held at 2 metres. 

Leader of Caerphilly County Borough Council, Cllr. Philippa Marsden, said,

“We have worked with the business community extensively over recent months as the Covid situation has evolved and the rules have changed.

“We have, where necessary, issued improvement and closure notices to allow venues time to introduce measures to comply and trade safely within the law. We understand that this is a difficult time for residents and businesses to have restrictions placed on our lives, but we are trying to ensure that venues can remain open and to do this they must be trading in a safe way, public safety is of paramount importance, and as we approach the winter months it is vital that we step up that support for the community and take enforcement action where necessary and that is why we have chosen to embark upon this joint operation with Gwent Police.”

Chief Superintendent Mark Hobrough said:

“Since the start of the health crisis we’ve been working with our local authority partners to protect and reassure the communities of Gwent.

“We’ve already taken joint action, to step in and prevent businesses putting themselves and others in danger by not following Welsh Government guidelines.

“Since moving out of the national lockdown, we’ve seen communities coming back together in new ways, this includes local businesses.

“As we head into the pre-Christmas period, we’ll be carrying out joint pro-active patrols across our force area ensuring that everyone is playing their part and taking on their personal responsibility.

“Officers will be continuing to engage and encourage everyone to do all that they can, however, for the minority that flout the new restrictions our message is clear; we will take enforcement action”

Police and Crime Commissioner Jeff Cuthbert said:

“We are still in the middle of a healthcare crisis. Cases of Covid-19 in the community are rising and people are dying.

“We all now know what we need to do to reduce the risk of catching and spreading this virus and, if you chose to ignore these guidelines, Gwent Police can take enforcement action against you.

“So please, follow the guidelines, act responsibility, stay safe and help save lives in your community.”