Police In Ceredigion Are Advising Residents To Be On Their Guard To Avoid Becoming Victims Of Rogue Traders.

Police In Ceredigion Are Advising Residents To Be On Their Guard To Avoid Becoming Victims Of Rogue Traders.

Saturday 27th Feb 2021

18 Nov 2020

Rogue Traders are people who prey on the most vulnerable people within society, conning them out of vast sums of money which in many cases are their life savings, for unnecessary and overpriced work, often to the detriment of the victims health.

Local Neighbourhood policing teams are appealing to residents to heed advice and guidance on how they can keep themselves and members of their communities safe against such unscrupulous individuals.

We encourage anyone with any information about doorstep crime incidents to report them to police by calling 101.

DS Allan Rees said: “Rogue traders, cold callers and distraction burglars have a devastating impact on peoples’ lives, and often prey on the most vulnerable in our society.

“These types of crimes will not be tolerated, and we want to raise awareness within our communities to help avoid people becoming victims. They operate in gangs and individually calling at people’s homes offering a range of services. These may include things such as gardening, general building, tarmac work and even clearing moss off roofs. More recently we have been made aware of callers trying to buy vehicles at reduced prices. Callers often use very sophisticated selling tactics to persuade people to part with their cash – never be pressurised into paying for goods and services and always seek advice from someone you trust.”

We’re reminding residents to think about who is calling at their home before answering the door, and to stick to the following guidelines:
• If in doubt, keep them out.
• Don’t sign on the spot
• Always ask for an identity card and look up the organisation to check the salesperson’s identity is
• Don't get taken in by sales banter or high pressure selling techniques.
• Always shop around for the best price
• Talk to someone you trust for a second opinion
• Avoid handing over money before work is started.
• Think very carefully before you agree to a trader starting any work straight away
• Trust your instincts - if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!
• And finally ... it’s OK to say no. Remember it’s your doorstep and your decision. If you feel pressured for any reason ask the person to leave.