White Ribbon Day 2020

White Ribbon Day 2020

Tuesday 20th Apr 2021

Today (Wednesday, November 25) is national White Ribbon Day – the international day for the elimination of domestic abuse.

White Ribbon Day is where men and women across the country will be making a pledge never to commit, condone or remain silent about violence, and will symbolise this pledge by wearing a white ribbon.

North Wales Police Chief Constable Carl Foulkes said: “Domestic abuse can often be a hidden problem – a crime that takes place behind closed doors – which is why it is vital that we raise public awareness.

“Domestic abuse has a devastating impact on the victims who suffer its many forms. White Ribbon Day helps to raise awareness of domestic abuse and gives victims confidence to come forward and report it. By continuing to work in conjunction with our partners in both statutory and voluntary agencies, we take all steps that we can to protect the victim, children and witnesses from further harm and to try to prevent any recurrence.

“When domestic abuse is reported we make every effort to secure all available evidence and to work with the Crown Prosecution Service in holding offenders to account through the criminal justice system.”

PC Mike Taggart – the Strategic Domestic Abuse Officer for North Wales Police said “Being a victim of domestic abuse and trying to leave is extremely difficult. We urge anybody who is in a position where they feel frightened, vulnerable or in danger, to get in touch with North Wales Police or support services such as the Live Fear Free helpline.

“Domestic abuse can happen to anyone, so rest assured, we will help you. This is something that can affect anyone at any time of their life, regardless of age, gender, race or religion. We all need to stop and think about what goes on behind closed doors, especially at a time when everyone’s lives have changes so dramatically.”

As part of International Men’s Day on November 19th, North Wales Police took the opportunity to also promote services such as The Mankind Initiative - a service that supports men who are being subjected to Domestic Abuse, ensuring their voices are heard and that they are empowered at a time they feel their most vulnerable.

Male victims can sometimes feel that they won’t be believed, or that they may be viewed as weak, these can be huge barriers for them to overcome when wanting to come forward to get support.

Mark Brooks, Chairman of the Mankind Initiative said “International Men’s Day was the perfect time to take that first step in escaping from domestic abuse. There are helplines like ours that can help but also remember please do not hesitate pick up the phone to North Wales Police as well.

“One clear theme of the day was to take positive action as a society and individuals to support the wellbeing of men. So we all have a responsibility that if we think a man we know could be a victim of domestic abuse, we should resolve to reach out to him, contact helplines for information on how to help and of course, you can call the police if you think someone is in danger. International Men’s Day should have acted as a spur to do the right thing and help a man escape from domestic abuse.”

The national campaign can be followed at @WhiteRibbon_UK #MakeThePromise or #WhiteRibbonDay

For help and advice you can contact police by dialling 101 or visit here

Are you a victim of domestic violence and abuse? Call the Live Fear Free Helpline on 0808 8010 800 or visit https://gov.wales/live-fear-free

If you believe there is an immediate risk of harm to someone, or a crime is in progress always call Police 999.

Further information regarding White Ribbon Day is available via their website