Vehicle Crime Alert

Vehicle Crime Alert

Tuesday 20th Apr 2021

In the run up to Christmas, drivers are again being encouraged to secure their vehicles and remove all valuables which could potentially tempt thieves.

The advice comes after several vehicles have been targeted in Penrhyn Avenue, Everard Road and Colwyn Crescent in Rhos-on Sea / Colwyn Bay.

Sgt Beth Jones said: “On all occasions the car doors have been left open and valuables left inside. We are asking the public to double check your car door has definitely locked by pulling the door handle, and removing all valuables from the car to deter the thieves.”

She explained: “Most thefts are opportunistic and I urge car owners to take a few extra seconds to look at their vehicle security, to ensure that no items or cash are left on display and that the car is locked.”

“Christmas gifts are easy pickings for opportunist thieves who will make off with such items within seconds.”

“Theft from vehicles is a long standing problem and will continue until owners take personal responsibility of their possessions. The loss of your vehicle or its contents can be devastating, simple preventative measures can make a difference. We are committed to preventing crime, which means fewer victims.”

If you have any information relating to car crime or you have captured anything suspicious on CCTV please contact North Wales Police on 101 or via Alternatively call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.