Gwynedd Council Adopts Innovative Autism Plan

Gwynedd Council Adopts Innovative Autism Plan

Friday 21st Jan 2022

Gwynedd Council adopts innovative Autism Plan


Gwynedd Council has adopted an autism plan that will drive work in this key area for the coming years.


The Council's Cabinet has committed £48,000 to support the plan which will establish a children and adult autism board, an authority-wide training programme, as well as dedicated staff to drive the work on autism in Gwynedd over the next few years.


Councillor Dilwyn Morgan, Gwynedd Council Cabinet Member for Children and Families, said:


"As a Council, we want to ensure that everyone has access to the support they need to thrive and live full and happy lives.


"We realise that there is always room for improvement, and work in this area has followed a complaint made about services in the field of autism. In order to secure better services for the future, it is right that we recognise when things need to improve, and we have commissioned an external expert to look at this area in Gwynedd.


"I welcome the work that has been carried out to look in detail at the services available from a number of agencies working in the field.


"By reviewing the arrangements, we have been able to develop an exciting Autism Plan that will ensure that children and young people have access to support that is tailored to their individual needs.


"Autism is not visual and all public services are involved in the field of autism work.


"It is pleasing to see the commitment of many agencies, and I would like to thank our partners in the Health Board for their input in developing this plan which will improve the services and support available to our children, young people and their families.


"The plan will set the direction for the work and improve and develop the services in this area based on the views and opinions of children, families and autistic people who will benefit from the support."