Museum Talk Questions The Rules Of Art

Museum Talk Questions The Rules Of Art

Wednesday 5th Oct 2022

The talk focuses on Bob and Roberta Smith’s striking artwork David Nott Interview (2014), currently on display as part of The Rules of Art? exhibition at National Museum Cardiff (on until 16 April 2023).  In a shocking and emotional interview with Eddie Mair on BBC Radio 4 in 2013, David Nott described his experiences as a volunteer surgeon in war-torn Syria. Artist Bob and Roberta Smith transcribed the entire interview in a work measuring nearly 5 meters in height.

The Rules of Art? exhibition at National Museum Cardiff showcases a breadth of historic, modern and contemporary artworks from Amgueddfa Cymru’s collections. By bringing together works that have never been displayed together before, the shared purpose of artists living centuries apart is emphasised, questioning social and political power and reimagining what art can be.

Neil Lebeter, Senior Curator: Modern & Contemporary Art, curator of The Rules of Art? said, “It is our great pleasure to bring together such inspirational figures for this event. There is much to discuss regarding the role that art can play in the world, in this case amplifying the words of a truly unique individual.”

The event includes a Q&A session, during which viewers may submit their own questions to the panel. Tickets for the event are ‘pay what you can’, with a suggested donation of £5, and are available to purchase now from the museum’s website:


David Nott

Bob and Roberta Smith