Update From Detective Chief Inspector Nick Wilkie: Serious Sexual Assault In The Croespenmaen Area…

Update From Detective Chief Inspector Nick Wilkie: Serious Sexual Assault In The Croespenmaen Area…

Monday 22nd Apr 2019

‘We’re continuing our investigations into the serious sexual assault that took place in the Kendon Road area of Croespenmaen on Monday 3rd September. 

‘We updated you to say that a 40 year old man from the local area had been arrested and he has now been released from police custody under investigation.

‘I’d like to thank everyone for their comments and shares on our Gwent Police Facebook and Twitter accounts which have provided vital information to help with our enquiries. Whilst the majority of comments posted on our social media are supportive,  please can we remind all our followers that this is very much an ongoing investigation. Nobody as yet has been charged or found guilty of this offence and any comments or speculation that could negatively impact on this case including naming those involved in the investigation will be removed. 

‘We’d encourage everyone to continue with their daily routines however we understand some members of the public are concerned. Officers are continuing to patrol the local area and if anyone would like advice, please do speak to them or contact them in the Neighbourhood Office, all contact details can be found on our website. We’d also like to offer the following common sense safety advice;

• If you’re heading our walking or running, let someone know where you're going and for how long you’re planning to be out.
• Consider downloading a fitness tracker app on which a trusted family member or friend can trace your movements, just remember to lock your privacy setting from public to private.
• Take your phone out with you and make sure you have your battery charged.
• Plan your route beforehand, taking into account whether it will be a busy or well-lit area.
• Consider running or walking with others if possible.
• If you feel uncomfortable, or at risk, look for a place of safety, such as a shop or anywhere where there are other people and tell someone your concerns.
• Be aware of your surroundings - concentrate on what and who is around you. 
• Don’t be distracted by using mobile gadgets and MP3 players. If you are listening to music, if possible use just one headphone so that you are aware of someone approaching you.

‘Once again, thank you for your support and if anyone has further information about this incident, please call 101 quoting log 580 3/9/18.’