Police Officers And Staff Celebrated At Awards Ceremony

Police Officers And Staff Celebrated At Awards Ceremony

Thursday 27th Jun 2019

Police officers and staff have been honoured for their hard work, commitment and exemplary performance in a variety of areas in an awards ceremony held last week.

T/Chief Constable Gareth Pritchard presented the Long Service Awards and Chief Constable Commendations and Police and Crime Commissioner Arfon Jones presented the PCC Commendations.

Long Service and Good Conduct

Police Long Service Awards and Medals were presented to 13 members of Police Staff and 12 Police Officers in recognition for their hard work and dedication to their roles for 20, 30 and 40 years of service.

The recipients hold a diverse set of skills and accomplishments such as the introduction of the serious and organised crime disruption strategy, co-ordinating the prevention of violent extremism, Federation Command Team Secretary, Communications Operators, Custody Sergeant, Crime Manager and a cleaner who has been based in Caernarfon Station for over 43 years.

Malcom Hughes with T/CC Gareth Pritchard   Sarah Bray with T/CC Gareth Pritchard

DS Neal Parkes   T/Supt Jason Devonport with T/CC Gareth Pritchard

Chief Constable’s Commendations

Chief Constable’s Commendations were presented to Police Officers and staff, volunteers and members of external agencies for a variety of achievements. Just a few examples are highlighted below.

Sergeant Kim Owen received a commendation for her work in supporting the investigation into the rape and murder of Janet Commins. Sergeant Owen undertook the role of statement reader, indexer as well as supervisor and was commended for her professional competence which she displayed during the investigation.

Sgt Kim Owen and T/CC Gareth Pritchard

Gary Leighton-Jones received a commendation for his role as a Critical Incident Debriefer which is a voluntary position alongside his day job. Gary works as part of welfare and wellbeing support to run debriefing sessions after overwhelming or threatening incidents. The sessions give individuals a chance to talk about their experience and how it is affecting them to help them to return their daily routine with less likelihood of experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Sergeant Kristopher Hunt, Constable Liam Gray, Constable Matthew Reynolds and Constable Darren Griss received commendations for assisting the Welsh Ambulance Service Trust. A man had gone into cardiac arrest and the nearest ambulance unit was some distance away. Local officers immediately attended the incident and dealt with the casualty as well as supporting the distraught family member. The Ambulance Service arrived and the emergency service workers worked together calmly and diligently until a heartbeat was stimulated and the casualty was conveyed to the hospital.

PC Liam Gray, PC Matthew Reynolds, Sgt Kristopher Hunt and PC Darren Griss

Speaking about the awards, T/Chief Constable Gareth Pritchard said: “It gives me great pleasure to attend and participate in these ceremonies. These events make me extremely proud to be a police officer, as well as the chief constable of such a dedicated and professional police force.

“This ceremony has recognised those who have been involved in the most difficult, demanding police work, and those who have provided excellence within their field, as well as thanking those who have committed much of their working lives to protecting our communities. Some of those things are achieved together with colleagues in partner organisations and we are grateful for those relationships and for the support we receive in this regard.

“I have no doubt that each and every one of the award recipients will continue to deliver to the benefit of the people of North Wales.”