Text Messages For Housing Repairs

Text Messages For Housing Repairs

Thursday 27th Jun 2019

A new digital service for Pembrokeshire County Council Tenants will provide them with more flexibility when waiting for housing repairs. 

That’s the view of the Authority’s Cabinet Member for Transformation and Information Technology (IT) Councillor Neil Prior. 

Tenants reporting a problem with their home can now receive an automatic text message indicating when their repair will take place. 

They will receive a variety of messages depending on the severity of the request. 

Those in need of Emergency repairs will receive a text asking them to ensure someone is at home for at least 24 hours for crews to make the repair. 

Priority one repairs (those taking place within nine days of the request being made) will receive a text providing them with a reference number and an indication of when the repair will be made. 

Priority 3-8 repairs (minor adaptions) will have a text telling of their reference number and a reminder text the day before the scheduled repair. 

Texts will also be issued when jobs are ‘carded’ meaning a card is left when crews turn up for repairs and no-one is home. 

Tenants are then asked to call the Council to re-arrange. 

Meanwhile, follow up texts will sent on completion asking residents to fill in a satisfaction questionnaire in order to monitor and improve the service. 

“This service provides peace of mind for our tenants,” says Cllr Prior. 

“It means no more uncertainty wondering when crews will arrive and better communication between us and our tenants which is what we are aiming for with our new digital communication strategy. 

“Housing Repair Notifications allows tenants to plan their day around the repair. 

“It is the latest in a line of new digital initiatives we are rolling out to make communicating with Pembrokeshire County Council a simple and pleasurable experience and help us improve the services we provide.” 

For more information visit www.pembrokeshire.gov.uk/notify 


Housing Repair Notifications are the latest in a line of new digital offerings from Pembrokeshire County Council.