New Tactics To Deal With Problem Vehicles

New Tactics To Deal With Problem Vehicles

Wednesday 21st Aug 2019

Persistent traffic and parking offenders and owners of untaxed vehicles in Cardiff face having their wheels clamped and even removed by the Council on behalf of the DVLA.

Using existing devolved powers and DVLA permission the Council's traffic enforcement officers could soon be able to clamp and remove vehicles that are causing a nuisance across the city.

Cardiff Council's Cabinet will decide at its next meeting on Thursday, November 15th, whether to adopt the new powers.

Vehicles which could then be targeted in any clampdown include:

Vehicles will not be clamped for regular parking offences, unless they are dangerously parked on the highway.

There are currently more than 8,500 untaxed vehicles on the city's streets. In many instances, illegally parked cars cause an obstruction and are a danger to pedestrians and other road users. Often, with some offenders, current enforcement techniques aren't possible or penalty charge notices are ignored.

Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning and Transport, said: "This new policy is about clearing our streets of dangerous vehicles and clamping down on people who persistently give little regard for the rules. We also know that there is a strong correlation between unregistered vehicles and crime, so we are pleased we now have the powers to act."

If Cabinet approve the new measures a charging scheme will be put in place for owners to recover their vehicles.

The proposed charging structure is as follows:

The Council already has enforcement vehicles which use Automated Number Plate Recognition Technology (ANPR) equipment. The DVLA will share data so ANPR technology can recognise untaxed cars or persistent offenders.

The Cabinet will be asked to approve the new policy for the clamping and removal of nuisance vehicles, as well as approving the use of devolved powers to bring in these new measures.