Plans To Reduce Single-use Plastics To Be Discussed By Cabinet

Plans To Reduce Single-use Plastics To Be Discussed By Cabinet

Monday 22nd Apr 2019

Finding ways to dramatically cut the use of single use plastics across the city will be the topic of debate at Cardiff Council's Cabinet meeting on Thursday 15, November.

The Cabinet are to discuss the issue in response to a Council motion presented in March, which called on Cabinet to look at ways to regulate single-use plastics.

Cabinet Member for Clean Streets, Recycling and Environment, Cllr Michael Michael said: "Single-use plastics are disposable plastics which are only used once before they are thrown away or recycled. These items are things like plastic bags, cotton buds, coffee stirrers, straws, water bottles and food packaging.

"The issue of SUPs has dominated the headlines recently and we are aware of the vast amount of plastic items which are not recycled and are therefore having a harmful effect on the environment.

"This is an issue which affects us all. We want officers to begin to draw up an action plan which could see SUPs reduced in our city. Once we have some clear proposals we will take it to the member for consultation to secure their support."

At the moment the council works with community groups including Keep Wales Tidy, Cardiff Rivers Group and Love Where you Live which help the authority remove, collect and recycle plastics from our waterways and around the bay area.

Cllr Michael said that as well as continuing to work with community groups he also wants the Council to look at a raft of measures which could help reduce the use of SUPs in the authority itself, setting an example for other businesses.

He added: "I want to thank the community groups for all the great work that they do in this area and I want to let them know that I back them in their desire to create a greener city. I will task officers with looking at ways in which the Council can reduce SUP usage within the authority in the first instance and to look at how we can promote alternatives across the city moving forward."

Some of the ideas which are being discussed include:

Cllr Michael added: "By drafting a plastic policy we aim to act by example, reducing our own consumption of single-use plastics, while encouraging others to take similar action. We have already taken steps to implement this, but we recognise there is a long way to go in protecting our environment."