Posted: Sat 6th Apr 2024

New Powers Considered for Dog Exclusion Areas in Monmouthshire /

NEW powers being considered by a Gwent council could see dogs banned from some parks or have to be kept on a lead. 
The new restrictions would see dogs banned from nearly all marked sports pitches in Monmouthshire, school grounds and play areas. 
A consultation for the council found majority support for the restrictions with 64 per cent, or 330 of 517 completed questionnaires, backing the idea of introducing dog exclusion areas across the county. 
The Dogs Trust, Kennel Club and RSPCA haven’t objected to the idea but say they should be kept to a minimum and have emphasised the need for dogs to be allowed daily exercise, including regular opportunities to walk and run. 
The RSPCA has suggested a new order, that dog owners have to pick up their pet’s poo in any public space, that is also set to be introduced by the council reduces the need for a complete ban on dogs from marked sports pitches. 
The council has listed 178 proposed dog exclusion areas and said it also received a petition signed by more than 130 households opposing the inclusion of Gilwern sports pitch as it said it isn’t currently used by a football team but mainly to exercise dogs. 
The games areas which include the children’s play area, multi use games area, marked sports pitch and cycle track remain as as a proposed exclusion area but the recreation ground, including the skate park, is included as a dogs on leads area. 
Llanelly Community Council that owns the land has said it recognises the need for local residents to exercise their dogs off lead and has indicated it will liaise with the county council to explore how a nearby field could be used by dog walkers. 
There were also 30 objections to the inclusion of Magor Church In Wales School, Sports Field / Sycamore Playing Field as it is described as the last central secure area in Magor where dogs can be let off a lead.
The school grounds will be off limits to dogs but an agreement between the county council and Magor with Undy Community Council, from May 2016, specfiled Sycamore Playing Fields will be available for dog walking and it will be a lead only area.
Sudbrook Cricket Club near Caldicot was originally included as an exclusion area but has been removed as the club wants to manage access for dogs itself. 
As well as bans from certain areas the council’s cabinet is being asked to agree to give council officers the power to demand any person in control of a dog puts it on a lead if it is considered “to be out of control or causing alarm or distress or to prevent a nuisance” and that anyone walking a dog must also have to carry a bag for its poo, and can produce a bag if requested.  
The council’s cabinet will meet on Wednesday, April 10 when it could agree to introduce the new powers which would then come into force, for three years, from June 1. 
Where will dogs be banned from in Monmouthshire? 
Swan Meadows Play Area, Cross Street, Abergavenny 
Waterside Play Area, Abergavenny 
Bailey Park Play Area, Abergavenny 
Union Road East Play Area, Abergavenny 
Belgrave Park Play Area, Abergavenny 
Maes Y Llarwydd Play Area, Abergavenny 
Beaupreau Place Play Area, Abergavenny 
Underhill Playing Field Play Area, Old Hereford Rd, Abergavenny 
Rother Avenue Play Area, Abergavenny 
Glan Gavenny Play Area, Abergavenny 
Croesonen Gardens Play Area, Abergavenny 
Bailey Park Sports Pitches, Abergavenny 
Lower Meadow Sports Pitches, Abergavenny 
King Henry VIII School and Leisure Centre, Old Hereford Rd, Abergavenny 
Deri View Primary School, Llwynu Lane, Abergavenny 
Cantref Primary School, Harold Rd Abergavenny  
Our Lady and St Michael’s School, Pen y Pound Road, Abergavenny 
Lead Only areas 
Skate Park, Old Hereford Rd, Abergavenny 
Old Hereford Road Cemetery, Abergavenny 
Linda Vista Gardens, Tudor Street, Abergavenny 
Abergavenny Castle, Castle Street, Abergavenny 
Kilpale Close Play Area, Caerwent 
Merton Green Play Area, Caerwent 
Lawrence Crescent Play Area, Caerwent 
Green Lane Farm Play Area, Ash Tree Road Caerwent  
Trewen Sports Pitch and Play Area, Caerwent  
Llanfair Discoed Playing Fields 
Lead Only areas 
Caerwent Playing Fields and Play Area at Village Hall 
Spine Footpath Play Area off Margretts Way, Caldicot 
Clos Ystwyth Play Area Caldicot  
Birbeck Road Play Area, Caldicot 
Heol Teifi Play Area, Caldicot  
Rear of Neddern Court, Play Area, Caldicot 
Caldicot Castle Country Park, Play Area, Caldicot  
Clos Rheidol Play Area, Caldicot  
Longfellow Road Play Area, Caldicot  
Clos Alwen Play Area, Caldicot 
Heol Towy Play Area, Caldicot  
Heol Teifi Play Area, Caldicot  
Oakley Close Play Area, Caldicot 
Moorlands View Play Area, Caldicot  
Railway View Play Area, Caldicot  
George V Playing Fields Play Area, Caldicot  
George V Playing Fields, Caldicot  
Mill Lane pitches 
Caldicot Castle, Football Club Sports Pitches, Caldicot  
Caldicot Castle Country Park Lake (1) 
Castle Park Primary School, Caldicot 
Dewstow Primary School, Green Lane, Caldicot  
Durand Primary School, Caldicot  
Ysgol Gymraeg y Ffin, Caldicot  
Caldicot School and Leisure Centre 
Lead Only areas 
Caldicot Skate Park, Mill Lane 
Caldicot Castle 
Caldicot Castle Country Park Lake (2) 
Bulwark Park Play Area, Bulwark Road, Chepstow  
Meadow Walk play area, Chepstow 
Penterry Park Play Area, Chepstow 
Hardwick Avenue Play Area Chepstow  
Castle Dell Park Play Area, Chepstow 
Western Avenue Play Area, Bulwark, Chepstow  
Rear of Larkfield Play Area, Chepstow  
St Kingsmark Avenue Play Area, Chepstow 
Summerhouse Lane Play Area, Chepstow 
Garvey Close Play Area, Chepstow  
Phoenix Drive Play Area, Chepstow 
Woolpitch Wood Play Area (1), Chepstow  
Wallwern Wood Play Area, Chepstow  
Castle Wood Play Area, Chepstow 
St Lawrence Park Play Area (1), Chepstow  
St Lawrence Park Play Area (2), Chepstow 
Alcove Wood Play Area, Chepstow  
Woolpitch Wood Play Area (2), Chepstow 
Bayfield Wood Close Play Area, Chepstow  
Strongbow Road Play Area, Chepstow  
Fishermans Walk Play Area, Bulwark, Chepstow 
Chepstow Town AFC Sports Pitches, Larkfield Chepstow  
Chepstow Rugby Club Sports Pitches, Western Avenue, Chepstow 
Thornwell Football pitch, Chepstow  
Hardwick Recreation Ground, Chepstow 
Chepstow School and Leisure Centre  
Pembroke Primary School, Fairfield Rd, Bulwark, Chepstow 
St Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary, Bulwark Rd, Chepstow  
The Dell Primary School, Welsh St, Chepstow  
Thornwell Primary School, Thornwell Rd, Chepstow 
Lead Only areas 
Piggy’s Hill Skate Park, Bulwark Park, Bulwark, Chepstow 
Chepstow Cemetery, Bulwark (both old and new sections) 
Chepstow School and Leisure Centre Car Park 
Llanvihangel Crucorney Primary School, Wern Gifford, Pandy  
Wern Gifford Play Area, Pandy 
Wesley Way Play Area, Devauden, Chepstow 
Gobion Fawr 
St David’s Crescent Play Area, Llanddewi Rhydderch  
The Bungalows Play Area, The Bryn, Abergavenny 
Lead Only areas 
Llanvapley Sports Ground 
Goetre Fawr 
Goytre Recreation Ground and Play Area 
Clos Telyn Play Area, Goytre  
Goytre Fawr Primary School, School Lane, Penperlleni 
Llanbadoc Island Play Area, Llanbadoc  
Usk Island Play Area, Usk  
Pocket Park Play Area, Little Mill  
Glascoed Common Play Area, Glascoed, Usk  
Cae Melin Play Area, Little Mill  
Usk Island Sports Pitch, Usk 
Clydach Recreation Ground Play Area 
Llanelly Hill Playing Fields Play Area  
Penllwyn Play Area, Llanelly Hill 
Gilwern Recreation Ground Games Areas / Pump Track 
Clydach AFC sports pitch 
Gilwern Primary school 
Lead Only areas 
Llanelly Cemetery, Gilwern 
Gilwern Recreation Ground and Skate Park 
Clydach recreation ground 
Llanfoist Fawr 
Thomas Hill Close Play Area, Llanfoist  
St Faith’s Close Play Area, Llanfoist  
Maple Gardens Play Area, Govilon 
King George V Field, Govilon  
Centenary Field, Llanfoist  
Owain Glyndwr Field, Llanellen 
Llanfoist Fawr Primary School, Llanfoist 
Lead Only areas 
Llanfoist Cemetery, Abergavenny 
St Cybi Avenue Play Area, Llangybi 
Llantilio Pertholey 
Ysgol Gymraeg Y Fenni, St David’s Rd, Abergavenny  
Dan Y Deri Play Area, Abergavenny  
Charles Crescent Play Area, Abergavenny  
Llantilio Pertholey Primary school, Abergavenny  
Mardy Park Play Area, Abergavenny  
Mardy Park Playing Field, Abergavenny 
Magor with Undy 
Rockfield View Play Area, Undy  
Cowleaze Play Area, Magor  
Redwick Road Play Area, Magor 
Windsor Park Play Area, Magor 
Manor Chase Play Area, Undy  
Windsor Drive Play Area, Magor  
Kensington Park Play Area, Magor 
Undy Football Club Play Area, Undy  
Sycamore Terrace Play Area, Magor  
Millfield Park Play Area, Magor  
Yew Tree Close Play Area, Undy 
Magor Church In Wales Primary School, Sycamore Terrace, Caldicot 
Undy Primary School, 3 Pennyfarthing Lane, Undy  
Lead Only areas 
Sycamore Playing Field, Magor 
Mitchel Troy 
Mitchel Troy Play Area 
Chippenham Mead Play Area Monmouth  
Monnow Keep Play Area, Monmouth  
Troy Gardens Play Area, Monmouth 
Rockfield Estate Play Area, Monmouth  
Tudor Road Play Area, Wyesham, Monmouth  
Woodland View Play Area, Wyesham, Monmouth  
Hendre Close Play Area, Monmouth 
King’s Fee Play Area, Monmouth  
Oaklands Drive Play Area, Rockfield, Monmouth  
Willow Drive Play Area, Rockfield, Monmouth 
Maple Drive Play Area, Rockfield, Monmouth 
Jordan Way Play Area, Rockfield, Monmouth 
Carbonne Close Play Area, Monmouth  
Goldwire Lane Play Area, Monmouth 
Cornpoppy Avenue Play Area, Rockfield, Monmouth  
Osbaston Road Play Area, Osbaston, Monmouth  
Chippenham Mead Sports Pitches, Monmouth 
Rockfield Estate Sports Pitch, Monmouth  
Tudor Road Sports Pitch, Wyesham, Monmouth 
Kymin View Primary School, Wyesham Road, Monmouth  
Overmonnow Primary School, Rockfield Road, Monmouth 
Osbaston Church in Wales School, Osbaston Road, Monmouth 
Monmouth Comprehensive School and Leisure Centre, Monmouth 
Harfleur Court Play Area, Rockfield, Monmouth  
Shrewsbury Avenue Play Area, Rockfield, Monmouth  
Kemble Road Play Area, Rockfield, Monmouth 
Lead Only areas 
Monmouth Cemetery, Osbaston, Monmouth 
Walker Flats Play Area, Sudbrook  
Archbishop Rowan Williams Church in Wales School, Crick Road, Portskewett 
Lead Only areas 
Quest Field Play Area and Benches, Portskewett 
Prince Charles Road Play Area, Raglan  
Raglan Church in Wales VC Primary School, Station Rd, Raglan 
West Way Play Area, Rogiet  
Yew Tree Rise Play Area, Rogiet  
Barn Owl Road Play Area, Rogiet 
Buzzard Close Play Area, Rogiet  
Rogiet Recreation Ground, Sports Pitch  
West Way, Multi Use Games Area, Rogiet 
Rogiet Primary School  
Poplar Close Play Area, Rogiet 
St Arvans 
King George’s Field Playground, St Arvans 
Shirenewton Play Area, Earlswood Road, Shirenewton 
Shirenewton Primary School 
Shirenewton, Playgroup Nature Garden 
Cross Ash Primary School 
Trellech United 
Llanishen Play Area, by village hall, Llanishen  
Roman Park View Play Area, Trellech  
Trellech Primary School, Trellech 
Maryport Street Play Area, Usk  
Trelawny Close Play Area, Usk  
Silure View Play Area, Usk  
Blestium Drive Play Area, Usk  
Usk Church in Wales Primary School, Monmouth Road, Usk 
Lead Only areas  
Llanvihangel Ystern Llewern Churchyard 
Wye Valley 
Old Station Play Area, Tintern  
Holmfield Drive Play Area, Llandogo  
Sylvan View Play Area, Tintern  
Llandogo Primary school ‌​‌​‌​​​‍‌​‌​​‌‌‌‍‌​‌‌​​‌​‍‌​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌‌​​

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